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"Striving For Excellence"

From the day she walked through the door of our office as a patient and high school senior interested in a career in the medical field, to the day she went into practice as a Doctor of Chiropractic, Sherry Bollinger Durrett has exemplified all the special qualities that we all would want and expect in an exceptional practitioner.

Her loving, caring, helping attitude and not just to patients, is such a special quality. Plus, she has always made sure she was the “state of the art” in new techniques and procedures in patient care. Our comment is that while we were on our way to seminars or “vacationing with friends,” I would be reading a car magazine and PF would be reading Vogue and both Durretts would be reading Chiropractic publications or research, always looking for that excellence.

In our 42 years of practice, we have had many doctors and staff members through our office and our gauge of their excellence after 30 plus years, since she was with us, is Dr. Sherry Durrett, and only a few have measured up to her standards, the best being our son in law.

"Curing Neck Spasms"

I initially came in seeking treatment for torticollis (a painful condition in which the neck muscles contract involuntarily, causing your head to twist to one side). I had been suffering for five years. The different medications I had been given by my MD did nothing to help.

I am much better now. Dr. Durrett has helped me more than anyone else.

"No More Unbearable Pain"

I came to Dr. Durrett’s for neck, back and hip pain that had been going on for years. The MD had given me spinal blocks and all kinds of drugs, but nothing helped. I often left the doctor’s office like a zombie, but still in unbearable pain.

I am so much better now! My pain has decreased, I can move my head from side to side — life is so much better! The results are a miracle!

"I’m A Believer"

I didn’t believe in natural health; I used to take a lot of drugs and I thought that cured everything. But when my son was sick as a child –no hair, dark circles under his eyes, teeth turning brown– no one could tell me what was the matter. As for me, I was practically toxic waste. My hands and fingers had cracks all over, I had gas/bloating, migraines all the time, daily fatigue.

The MD gave us medications on top of medications, but nothing helped at all.

Since becoming a patient of Dr. Durrett’s, my son and I are now both healthy, happy and symptom-free.

"No Back Surgery Needed"

I was having pain in my lower back and left leg. The orthopedic doctor recommended pain therapy injections in my back and spinal surgery. The injections didn’t help, and I didn’t want surgery.

After coming to Dr. Durrett’s, I am able to work full time, work out and even play sports. Basketball every Saturday! I’m much more flexible. I am 100% better from the time I first walked in the door.

"Freedom From Chronic Suffering"

For five years, I have suffered from pain over my whole body, sciatica, knee-joint problems, right arm and left leg numb and tingling. I had high blood-pressure, anger and depression, no sleep for days at a time, even when given medication. I never could rest.

Now, I’m pain-free, off medications that only made me feel dopy, and I sleep at night.

"Repair Surgery Damage"

I had surgery fifteen years ago for a ruptured disk, but it left me with pain in my right leg and back. I took Tylenol 3 and prescription anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants to no avail.

Since seeing Dr. Durrett I am now free of pain in my leg and most of the time there isn’t any pain to speak of in my back either.

"Sciatica Relief"

The regular doctor I saw before coming here recommended surgery for my sciatic and severe pain. My insurance company recommended me to Dr. Durrett’s, and it has made a HUGE difference! I can move more freely, my pain has been drastically reduced, my posture has improved, and my stamina and energy are continually increasing.

"ADHD Solution"

I brought my son in for ADHD. The MD had prescribed Ritalin and antidepressants. What I got from that was a very angry, nonresponsive son.

Since his treatments with Dr. Durrett, he is now able to sit in church, without leaving to the bathroom several times; he does his chores most of the time, the first time told. The family is able to take him out to eat. His helpful, loving heart has returned. He is very creative, and curious about life now. With Dr. Durrett’s positive direction in diet, vitamins and care, our family is enjoying our life together once again.

"Pinched Nerve Problems"

I came in because I knew I had a pinched nerve — my back, arm and left foot were hurting; I could hardly walk. I was suffering, every minute of every day.

The doctors here have a positive attitude and want the patients well; so loving and caring. The treatments and therapy here made the difference; I’m feeling great!

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