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"Long-time Suffering Relief"

I came in for neck pain and lower back pain, which I have suffered from for a long time. Other doctors had only given muscle relaxers, which didn’t solve the problem.

Since my treatments here, the nagging ache in my whole back is gone now, and my asthma has improved too!

"I Could Hardly Walk"

For a year before I came to Dr Durrett’s, my knees were so weak and sore that I could hardly walk. The MD I saw first recommended sticking a needle into my knees and draining fluid. I was told it would be very painful. I was so fearful of that prospect that I decided to never go back. Extremely high dosages of Motrin every day didn’t help much. I was in so much pain that I though a wheelchair would be a relief and a necessity for the rest of my life.

Since my chiropractic treatments, I have no pain in my knees anymore. I walk normally, and can even jog a little. Additionally, I feel good all over; I have much better movement in my neck also.

"What A Blessing You Are!"

Thanks for all your support. You have been a great team, able to understand so many hard to explain situations. My nervous system has been shot for THIRTY years and I’ve had no relief until now. I am in awe of all your skills and abilities.

Thanks a million!

"Happy Thanksgiving!"

I wanted to tell you that I am thankful for you this year! I appreciate all you have done for me! My family appreciates you helping piece me back together again as well!

"Ending Decades Of Pain"

For the last eighteen years, I have had pain in my lower back, neck and right shoulder. The MD had me on so many medications! They helped for a while, but didn’t solve the problem.

Now, I have no more pain and am off all medication. My pain is improved, and my Irritable Bowel Syndrome is cured! I don’t swell up anymore after I eat, and I can eat just about anything now.

I love Dr. Durrett; she is a wonderful person and a great doctor. I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for all the great health benefits from chiropractic!

"Migraine Solution"

I’ve experienced migraines since first grade, and have been experiencing pain and numbness in my right arm for a month. The MD gave me headache medicine and sleeping pills, and I also tried Tylenol, but they did nothing.

Since getting treatment at Dr. Durrett’s, my headaches have stopped and I have been able to sleep without meds. Additionally, my back is more limber than it has been in years.

I wish I had done this sooner!

"Freed From The Back Brace"

For more than a year, I have been using back braces and muscle relaxers to deal with a work-related injury, but that only caused me more pain and less mobility. Thirty tablets a day of Aleve wasn’t really helping either.

After my treatments at Durrett Chiropractic, I’ve got no more meds, no pain and I’m able to work out. I do gymnastics, soccer, swimming — any sport I can join. I feel better all the time, I have more energy, better health and less asthma problems.

"Healing From Surgery"

After surgery for a ruptured disk and SI joint (pelvic sacroiliac joint) twenty years ago, I was still experiencing low-back pain. I had leg numbness and couldn’t walk without pain.

After only two treatments, I was up and running. I feel great! I can walk without pain, and am no longer taking the pills which only knocked me out. The staff here at Durrett Chiropractic Clinic have gotten me out of discomfort.

"Chasing The Pain Away"

I came in for treatment of whiplash pain, pain, pain from a car collision I was in three years earlier. The staff’s warm compassion for my condition is what made me choose Dr. Durrett’s.

Since getting treatment at Durrett Chiropractic, I have a much brighter disposition because I’m not bothered by neck pain or severe headaches. I have also stopped getting leg cramps in the middle of the night.

I am a firm believer; chiropractic works better than anything!

"Banishing Headaches"

For the past seven years, I have suffered with lower back pain and headaches. I started treatment at Dr. Durrett’s with nineteen points of subluxation, and after twelve treatments, I only have five!

I have no more pain, more energy, I sleep better and I feel happier. I feel great after years and years of pain.

Thank you so much for making me feel great!