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"Improvement After Auto Accident"

The pain in my back and neck are gone!

"Breathing Easier"

For the last ten years, I have suffered from breathing difficulty, backaches, heartburn and fatigue. Cortisone shots, Pepcid, Tagamet, vitamins and bronchial dilators only provided temporary relief.

Since I started coming to Dr. Durrett’s, I am now breathing deeper and clearer than I have in years. I haven’t had heartburn since the treatment began. I wake up with no fatigue, and I feel rested. My back pain has greatly diminished.

"Eliminated Pain"

I came in to Durrett Chiropractic for the month-long pain I had in my neck, back and shoulder.

After treatment, my pain is completely eliminated; I feel great all over.

"Got Rid Of The Wheelchair"

The MD had me taking pain pills for my knee and low-back pain, but I got no relief.

I was in a wheelchair when I first came to Dr. Durrett. After a short time, I went to a walker, and with further treatment, I can now use a walking stick.

I no longer have low-back pain and my knees are not in constant pain. My neck pain is gone, too.

I am so thankful for the great care I have received here. I am able to walk now! And I am free of so much of the pain I had.

"Recovering From Rear-End Collision"

Two weeks after a rear-end collision, I started having severe pain in my neck, shoulders and lower back, plus headaches. The drugs the MD gave me only provided temporary relief, and did nothing to stop the problem escalating.

Since coming to Durrett Chiropractic, I have seen and felt steady improvement in my pain levels and have regained the use of my left arm. I gradually became able to read again, my headaches went away and I can move my head and neck freely. I have improved mobility in my neck and shoulders, and am able to stand straight with both shoulders back. (Before, the left shoulder rolled forward)

Without the combination of physical therapy and adjustments, I don’t believe the headaches and tense muscles would have been controlled. In fact, they were not controlled with medication. Thank you!

"Car Wreck Treatment"

After my car wreck, the MD gave me muscle relaxers and pain pills for my whiplash, but those only made me worse.

After coming to Dr. Durrett’s, I can now drive without having neck and shoulder pain, and my lower back has improved, and my right side is no longer out of line.

"Pain-Free And Eating Better"

I originally came to Durrett Chiropractic for problems with my upper back, shoulder and neck. Not only did they reduce the pain, but my years-long struggle with frequent diarrhea and my digestive tract’s inability to process salad is cured too.

Overall, I am feeling better, with more energy. And I am now able to enjoy a good salad!

"Recovered Range Of Motion"

I had pain and stiffness in my shoulder, neck and lower back for over a year. Medication and the MD’s physical therapy gave temporary relief, but didn’t solve the problem.

After treatment at Durrett Chiropractic, I now have a wider range of head and neck movement, and relief from lower back and hip pain. I generally feel better, and now have a better outlook on my job.

"Recovering From Auto Injury"

I was in a car wreck ten years ago, and have suffered from hand, wrist and lower back pain ever since.  Prescription pain medication and muscle relaxers didn’t help.  I had to take six Advil every morning just to get out of bed.

After four visits to Durrett Chiropractic, I am now able to get out of bed each morning without the help of someone else, and I have not needed to take my usual ‘daily dosage’ of Advil.  Yippee!  The sharp pain in my hand has subsided; instead of occurring often throughout the day, I’ve only noticed a slight ache.

"More Stamina, Less Pain"

I came in for low back and shoulder pain, and not only has the pain stopped completely, but I also have improved stamina.  I feel better and more relaxed.

I am so grateful I came!