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"Beating Horner’s Syndrome"

paige-jBefore I came to see Dr. Durrett, I’d had friends who went, but I was scared to go myself.

I have Horner’s Syndrome (an interruption of sympathetic nerve fibers to the eye) in my left eye.  We had ruled out all known causes – tumor, cancer, etc.  My eyesight was reduced, I got eye-strain, I feared ‘wandering eye’ as the disease progressed, my left eyelid drooped, and I had uneven pupils.  My ophthalmologist just told me to ‘live with it’.

I also had lower back pain, as well as numbness in my hands.  All of that had me very discouraged.  I felt sixty years old.  I couldn’t read for very long, and my eyes watered very badly.  It really slowed me down.  I thought I would eventually lose sight in my left eye.

Since my treatment here, I feel no more eye-strain, and the numbness in my hands is almost nonexistent.  I am no longer in constant pain.

Dr. Durrett’s office is so different from other doctor’s offices I have visited in the past.  The staff is very friendly, and they remember everybody’s name!  I love Dr. Durrett!  I will be a patient for life!