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While exercising and participating in sports is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, injuries often occur during these activities. Injuries sometimes result from trying a new sport, engaging in too strenuous of an exercise routine or improperly performing exercises. Although some injuries can be prevented, participating in contact sports raises the likelihood of an injury. The spine can greatly be impacted from sports injuries, including cervical spine injuries, thoracic pain and disc injuries.

Cervical Spine Injuries

Approximately half of all serious spine injuries occur in the cervical spine, which is the neck portion of the spine. It is comprised of seven vertebrae and houses the spinal cord. These types of injuries most often happen during contact sports such as rugby, football and hockey; however, athletes in non-contact sports, including diving, surfing and skiing are also susceptible to this type of spinal injury. Cervical spine injuries are serious, due to the sensitive nature of the spinal cord and its location in the cervical spine.

Thoracic Pain

Thoracic spinal injuries affect the 12 vertebra located in the middle of the spine. Its function is to give protection to the internal organs and chest area and provide stability to the body. Thoracic disc herniation or thoracic compression fractures can result in this part of the spine from a sports injury and may require surgery, physical therapy or chiropractic care to adjust the spine and alleviate the pain.

Disc Injuries

Slipped or ruptured discs are another spinal injury that can occur during sports or exercise. The discs are located in-between each vertebrae and help absorb shock and give flexibility to the spine. When the discs start to degenerate from hyper-extending the spine during sports, the disc walls may weaken and thin. An injury to the already weakened disc walls can cause the the disc to press upon the weakened walls, resulting in a bulge or rupture of the disc. Chiropractic adjustment can bring the discs back to their proper place, relieving the pain from the disc injury.

Proper chiropractic care may help bring relief from spinal sports injuries. Dr. Sherry Durrett of Durrett Chiropractic and Natural Health Care has extensive experience in helping athletes get the treatment and subsequent pain-relief following an injury from sports or exercise. Whether it is a cervical spine, thoracic or disc injury, Dr. Durrett is able to give professional chiropractic care to help heal the body.


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